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hundreds of menstrual cups

only one Cup Luneale.

In the beginning, there were the traditional menstrual cups…

The menstrual cup, such as you know it, is based on a patent of 1932 (and yes, the cup is older than your grandmother): a conical cup with a stalk on its base.


The stalk has a single function: guide fingers towards the base of the cup to pinch it when you remove it and cancel the effect suction cup.


This function generates several inconveniences, as much at the level of comfort as during the use:

The stem incites to an erroneous use.
You are used to tampons, you see a stem on your menstrual cup, you pull. Normal!

The problem is that the stem is not made for this: by pulling it, you create an effect of suction which is, in the best case, annoying and in the worst, harmful in the long-term.


And moreover, for the carriers of IUD, even if the link between menstrual cups and evictions is not proved to be true, it’s better to have no effect suction.

The stem can hamper you in your movements or when you go in for sport.
More than 7 users on 10 cut the stem of their cup. Are you one of them?

Normal, the stem of a traditional menstrual cup tends to hamper during the movements.


When you sit down, when you go in for sport, she can take out or rub against your lips and hamper you.


And it is even more true for the riders or if you ride a bike!

The stem prevents your menstrual cup from positioning on its natural place
You tend to place your menstrual cup higher than what it should be, and the stem comes in your vagina. It’s too bad because your comfort can suffer from it, and it can also cause some leaks in certain cases.

Luneale created the MoonPad®

We consulted midwives, users and confided our preparatory work to an ergonomist: MoonPad, base pre-pinched and bevelled of Luneale Cup quickly appeared as an obvious fact.


MoonPad is really quite simple, but it changes completely the ergonomics of the menstrual cup.

You wonder certainly

Simple use

The handling is made easy for the beginners: the Luneale cup is ergonomically designed, that is (among others) so that you understand how to use it naturally. You should plan 1 to 3 cycles of adaptation, but after this time, 9 women on 10 adopt it definitively.

If you already use a traditional cup, you will also have to take some time to adopt the right hand to use your Luneale Cup. We know it’s frustrating because you’ve already experienced it when you started, but it’s worth it!

Unequalled comfort

The lack of stem prevents any unpleasant or irritating friction. You will (perhaps) tell us that we can cut the stem of a menstrual cup with a stem. It is true. But it creates a sharp edge often embarrassing.

The Luneale Cup is designed around this lack of stem. It is specially designed to be used without a stem. So you can move as you wish, you will not feel it at all.

Optimal security

As the MoonPad is designed ergonomically, you do not risk the suction effect at the time of removal because you have to pinch the base of your Luneale Cup.

Indeed this suction effect, which can be unpleasant every day, also leads to long-term problems and for carriers of IUD.  The Luneale Cup reduces the suction effect to the minimum.


The particular shape of the Luneale Cup is that its body does not need to be fully deployed to be waterproof: it is enough that it turned well on itself after insertion.

Thus, the body of Luneale can crash without worry, and so it does not rest on the walls of your vagina (which can tire your perineum). This is also why we do not offer a more rigid cup for sportswomen.

Easy cleaning

The Luneale Cup has no internal markings, no fill lines (who is interested in knowing how much blood you lost?) We think that what interests you is “it’s full or not full”, right?

Its surface is polished so the blood does not catch. So, you can clean it extremely easily. If you want to know how to clean your Luneale cup, it’s here.

Premium Manufacturing.

The Luneale Cup is designed and manufactured in France.

It is a guarantee of a high level of quality and safety, in compliance with manufacturing and environmental standards.

And it’s important for us!

Our incredible matérial.

100% platinium grade médical silicone

We chose the highest quality of silicone to make the Luneale Cup: platinum medical silicone. Silicone is a material derived from silica (like glass) and not from oil.

The silicone selected by Luneale is very stable in time and sterilization, both in its chemical and physical properties. It is biocompatible and does not promote microbial and bacterial growth.

We choose not to add dye or additives.

It is also guaranteed latex free, BPA free and phthalate free. Only the essential !

We are extremely attentive to the quality of the Luneale Cup and demanding on the production.

Regulation is very light concerning periodic protections. Unfortunately, There is no requirement on manufacturers in terms of quality.

So everyone sets their criteria: many brands are also eager to work with a certain ethic. But it is false.

A very cheap menstrual cup should alert you to the quality of the material, as well as the country of origin and the conditions of production.


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