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Humans from Luneale

Values, commitment, story

My body, my periods, my choice.

Not only a sentence, A real state of mind.


My body, my periods, my choices, is a true statement, bodypositive, and a state of mind.
This sentence means that we are free to make our OWN choices, to DECIDE what’s good for us. No matter what other think of us.

We are very proud of this sentence, which corresponds to the strong guidelines that we have set in creating Luneale: an opportunity for every one to decide for oneself, be original, innovative, think outside the box …

Luneale is not a brand created by a large group, it is the story of two ordinary people who have had an intuition and try to change the settings on menstrual hygiene.

Luneale was born in 2014 from Leocadie and Thomas’s passion for menstrual cup,These two, woman and man, former colleagues, imagined how to spread their enthusiasm for this particular periodic protection.

They first of all wondered how to make the cup easier to use, and more comfortable, since already dozens of them existed, all more or less identical, and old fashioned looking.

Out of sessions with midwives and users, some innovations, patented, gave life to Luneale with the meaning of improving the cup experience.



Faith, from the beginning.

Committed in innovation

Luneale was born of a very short team.
The main target was to bring something REALLY new : a minimum when you want to compete with large companies.
At the time being, the awareness of Luneale is starting to spread in Europe, and in some other parts of the world.
This is due to the enthusiastic experience of its users : more comfy, healthier, and let’s say it : almost handsome !

committed in health

This is crucial.
We’ve carefully chosen the material used for the range of Luneale’s products. For example, your cup Luneale is made of platinum grade medical silicone, and this only.

Socially committed.

Every single member of the team Luneale is committed to one or more cause. (environment, equality, cetaceans, oceans…) We love to learn about engagement during recruiting sessions !
Luneale, as a company, is also engaged, supporting homeless women with periodic protections. We get them from new users of menstrual cup !

Link (french) toward an amazing french society : Règles élémentaires,  the association provides sanitary precarious women or homeless.

Plus : the packing of our products is done by an organisation for the reinsertion of people suffering from disabilities. We are proud to play our role.

Committed in commitment

We dream of a world with no more taboos about periods
We would like women to take the lead in all subjects related to women.

We try to speak with a bit of impertinence, because we don’t want to see ‘blue blood’ any more, or women that are always perfect, mostly during periods, swimming, and dancing in nice white trousers…

We believe that our minds need to be released about periods, and what’s all around.

We are engaged for body positivism, well being, love, for oneself, and others.

We love our great planet and its inhabitants, and hope to play a part – even a small one – with our commitment.

the team.




It is a drop in the ocean, but what the ocean but a multitude of drops?





Office Manager

This is the image we have of ourselves that is our destiny.


R&D Engineer

People don’t change. Things do.


Head of Web Project

By twinkling our light, we offer others the opportunity to do so.


Graphic designer

This is not a gift but a sport to be optimistic.