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Luneale, the French Brand of menstrual hygiene.
Innovative, engaged (& a little silly!)

La Cup Luneale, the only ergonomic menstrual cup without the stem.

no stem, no discomfort

a unique patented design.

The stem of your menstrual cup bothers you? You seem to react like the majority of women.

Listening to the feedback from users, we reworked the traditional design of menstrual cups, helped by midwives and an ergonomist to create the first stemless menstrual cup.

Why? Because the single function of the stem is to guide the fingers towards the base of the cup. Then pinch and cancel the suction effect during the removal (please never pull on it!). This is why we created a simpler gripping area: our MoonPad®, exclusive & patented in more than 70 countries.

Luneale MoonPad®

comfort & maximum safety.

You wonder why you would choose the Luneale Cup rather than another menstrual cup?

The MoonPad® is so natural to use and makes the Luneale Cup so comfortable that we often wonder why no one ever thought of it before.

And we are still wondering!

Incredible comfort

No stem, no discomfort whatever your movements or your sport (Big up to the riders).

Easy to use

Insertion, placement, and withdrawal with completely natural and instinctive gestures.

Maximum security

No suction effect when you remove it, ideal for IUD holders.

Premium manufacturing

French Design & manufacturing, 100% platinum grade medical silicone, without dye and without additives.

la Cup Luneale also has all the qualities of classic menstrual cups.

Day & Night Use

you can use your Luneale cup to sleep, even naked, no problem in the morning (unless you’re a dormouse)!

Swimming allowed

pool or sea, no more worry of a tampon full of water or an apparent thread. (What a relief!)

Eco friendly

Choosing a periodic protection that lasts 5 years leads to 1500 disposable pads that will not end not in nature.


If you spend around 8 € per month for your disposable protections, your cup is profitable in only 3 months!

La Cup Luneale : easy to live in the daily life

Even if it may surprise you at the beginning, the menstrual cup is a periodic protection that matches with modern lifestyles.

You need a proof? 9 out of 10 women who try it for more than 1 cycle abandon disposable periodicals.

We thought the cup with an easy insertion, removal, cleaning, whether you are already a cup user or not yet.

We tell you everything, and we always stay available if you have any questions!

3 sizes to fit everybody

Let’s break an urban legend:

No, you don’t choose your menstrual cup according to your age or the fact that you had children, but according to the importance of your flow.

Because whatever happens, the walls of your vagina touch each other.

size S – 20ml

At the climax of your flow :
– You wear normal tampons or
– You can keep your pad more than 6h

size M – 25ml

At the climax of your flow :
– You wear super tampons or
– You can keep your pad more from 3 to 6h

size L – 30ml

At the climax of your flow :
– You wear superplus tampons or
– You can keep your pad less than 3h

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La mousse culottée, our cup friendly intimate foam: the ideal ally to clean your cup.

Many girls were asking us how to clean their cup and their private parts

during their periods with a product that is both safe for silicone and for their mucosa.

So Luneale created the sweety foam, a natural soap-free intimate cleanser perfect during your periods, with a super texture, a pleasant smell of roses (natural scent) and an extra-clean composition validated by two french consumers associations experts on that sector of activity, the “UFC Que Choisir / QuelCosmétic.”



ingredients of natural origin


ingredients from biological agriculture


soap/parabens or animal testing


pH adapted to your mucous membrane

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