Why didn’t anyone think of it before?

That is what women who have tested the Luneale Cup and its exclusive MoonPad® have said.

A menstrual cup designed without a stem (most women find the stem uncomfortable) is that simple, but we are the first and only manufacturers to offer it.

Why this design ?
Designed with
specialists and activists

To design the Luneale Cup, we have worked with midwives, users and a design agency specialised in ergonomics.

The Luneale Cup is designed and made in France and we are also committed to meaningful causes.

Our causes


Preserve the natural vaginal flora

Your vagina is naturally colonised by protective microbiota, and this balance is fragile. The use of disposable internal protections can upset this balance by drying out the flora. No more problems with the Luneale Cup, it collects your period flow gently.!

Maximum biocompatibility

The platinum medical silicon used exclusively for the Luneale Cup is the most neutral for the body: it is naturally bacteriostatic (bacteria cannot develop on the surface) and its mechanical and chemical properties are particularly stable over time, even after many sterilisations. Indeed, it is used in many hospital applications.

It is guaranteed free from BPA, Phthalates, latex, without any bleaching agents.Find out more about platinum silicon

Just the what is needed, the absolute essentials

We have chosen not to use dye in the Luneale Cup: the more you add ingredients to silicon, the more risks there are, and also because it serves no purpose!

Finally, we haven't used any additional chemical treatment: Some cups are treated after moulding with silver ions.

However, the vaginal flora includes bacteria that can be affected by this treatment: because there are no clinical studies on the way vaginal flora is affected by silver ions, we will not experiment with your body.

Thanks to the Luneale Cup, you will forget all about:

  • Vaginal irritation
  • Dryness caused by absorbent protections
  • Most yeast infections caused by damp in contact with your body
  • The need to change tampons after urinating

3 models that fit all women

Simply choose your model depending on your flow: the unique shape of the Luneale Cup will enable it to adapt to your anatomy and movements.

Your age or having given birth or not should not inform your choice.
The body is well designed!

My body my periods

Size S

20ml - Light & medium flow
If you use mini and normal tampons
Want !

Size M

25ml - Medium & strong flow
If you use normal and super tampons
Want !

Taille L

30ml - Strong & very strong flow
If you use super and maxi tampons
Want !


The Cup is like anything: it takes time to get used to it.
Be reassured: you will get used to it and after 1 or 2 periods (sometimes less), you will wonder why you didn't listen to your friends sooner!

How to use the Luneale Cup


It might be an obstacle for some, but you will soon realise that cleaning your Luneale Cup is really simple!
Try it, you will see it is for you!

How to care for your Luneale Cup


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Good idea, there is already a network of almost 900 retailers.
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Do you prefer to buy online and have it delivered at home?
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